Wet Scrubbers

Wet Scrubbers

  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Packed bed, venturi and spray towers available.
  • Chemical scrubbers available for odour removal.
  • Separation of wet product.
  • Separation of fumes and gases
  • Separation of explosive dust.


The selection of wet scrubbers is based on what you are trying to remove from the air stream. We use wet scrubbers in both fume and dust extraction applications. The basic principal behind a wet scrubber is to use water to remove fume/dust from the air stream. We use different designs and technologies based on the application. Our various wet scrubber designs and engineering expertise allow us to offer a suitable wet scrubber for nearly any particulate and or fume application. (Where applicable. please contact us for help selecting the correct filtration technology for your application.)

Our range of wet scrubbers includes. Venturi style for high efficiency particle collection. Spray tower for lower energy costs on coarser particles and packed beds for corrosive fumes and noxious gases.

We recommend contacting your local Airtight Solutions office for help on selecting the correct wet scrubber size and type for your application.

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