APMB Pulse Jet Dust Collector

APMB Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Key Benefits

  • Clean Air Fan
  • No moving parts in the dirty Gas stream
  • Differential pressure controlled clean of bag, saving power and air consumption
  • Precision punch and folded 3mm thick design
  • Special inlet technology removing heavy dust loads out of the gas stream prior to filtration through the filter bags.


APMB Pulse Jet Dust Collector

With Tubular Filter Bags for Light Dust Loads

These 3 units are based around a standard 2.0m square foot print of the 100 shell (not including fan or external inlets). The 70/100 has an inlet in the body of the housing (BI), the 100 has an external louvre side entry inlet (SI), and 200 has a centre inlet essentially between 2 of the 100 units.

These units have the ability to be quickly erected on site and have a multitude of dust discharge options. Rotary valve, slide gate and drum, screw conveyor etc to suit your specific reclaim or discharge requirements.

The reverse pulse clean system uses the latest venturi technologies for cleaning the bags dragging additional air volume from the surround air to induce a large powerful shockwave cleaning action on the bags.

Available in 3 sizes: APMB70/100-3000 BI, APMB 100-3000 SI, APMB 200-3000 CI

Product of Australia