Airtight Team

Sydney Team

Stig Brixen
General Manager
Dean Ingram
Operations Manager
David Waghorn
Nederman and Fume Extraction Sales
Helen Roberts
Duct and Flex Hose Sales Specialist
Mark Dawson
Warehouse Manager Sydney
Maryann Debrincat
Admin/Accounts receivable
Daniel Suvelac
Purchasing/Int. Freight Forward
Colin Conduit
Distributor Sales

P: 1800 424 784
E: colin@airtight.com.au

Dustin Gorbould
Sales Engineer – Engineered Solutions

P: 0438 129 951
E: dustin@airtight.com.au

Joe Stellino
Duct and Flex Hose Sales Specialist

P: 0455 233 440
E: joe@airtight.com.au

Kent Paisley
Marketing Coordinator

P: 0428 625 575
E: kent@airtight.com.au

Brisbane Team

Douglas Gray
Business Development Manager
Jody Cramp
Project Manager
Stuart Brown
Sales Engineer
Steve Senyard
Sales Engineer

M: 0455 055 024
E: steve@airtight.com.au

Paulie Burke
Warehouse Manager

MOB: 0438 574 144
Email: qld.warehouse@airtight.com.au

Melbourne Team

Glenn Nicholls
State Manager
Gareth Foster
National Service Manager
Richard Pigou
Sales & Project Manager
Chris Vinen
Project Coordinator
Richard McKay
Design & Drafting
Harish Yadav
Internal Sales and Stock Co-Ordinator

P: 0447 739 886
E: harish@airtight.com.au

Cameron Dent
Business development Manager - Fans and Dust control


Brett Borthwick
General Manager

P: 0800 Airtight

Chris Hand
Extraction Sales


Brent Fynn
Operations Manager
Ahmi Hazan